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About Us

The Bedmasters Advantage

By manufacturing our mattresses on site, we are able to cut operating expenses and pass these savings on to the customer. We also don't work on the same margins as traditional mattress stores. We have eliminated the middle man; the factory profits, the salesman's commissions, and the retail store markups. By doing so, we are able to sell a higher quality mattress at a lower price!

Our Commitment

We are committed to building the highest quality mattresses on the market. Whether you are looking for a traditional innerspring mattress, latex, or new generation gel and visco mattresses, we will not compromise on the quality to bolster our bottom line. You get the highest quality components available with our attention to detail and craftsmanship for a guarranteed low price!

Who We Are

Bedmasters was founded in 1994 in Port Charlotte, Florida. We began manufacturing mattresses with some simple principles in mind.

  • Listen to the customer. Don't just try to sell a mattress-provide the right mattress at the right price.
  • We use the highest quality raw goods made right here in America.

-Don't just take our word that the raw goods we use are the best-simply ask us what each component is and compare that with the competition. IF another salesman knows the answer at another store, find their spec and compare it with ours!

  • We do not employ commission retail sales people.
  • Every mattress we make goes through a quality check that begins with the raw goods.

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Port Charlotte, FL, 33952
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Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm

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